iMazing 1.2.0

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a removable storage drive

Both the iPhone and iPod Touch are great tools to have your favorite music and videos always with you, but what if you also want to carry files or documents? View full description


  • Easy as pie: plug your device and use it
  • Support for drag and drop


  • Folders' and file's names are not clear

Very good

Both the iPhone and iPod Touch are great tools to have your favorite music and videos always with you, but what if you also want to carry files or documents?

The solution is then DiskAid, a simple tool that lets you manage the contents of your Apple device as if it was just another removable drive plugged into your computer. DiskAid doesn't require any special drives or difficult configuration at all; just connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to the PC and you're good to go.

DiskAid lets you browse the contents of the device in a neatly organized folder structure, drag and drop these contents to and from the PC and also perform some file management tasks like creating new folders or renaming others.

On the downside, you'll find that the folder structure is not easy to recognize, that is, folders' and files' names do not always correspond to the apps and files you have in your device. For example, while checking my music collection, I saw that all the MP3 files were renamed to strange character sets instead of their regular names.

With DiskAid you can easily use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a storage unit for files and documents, and also transfer them to and from the PC. You'll have to guess what their real names are though.


  • Removes "Remove Tracking Data" button, unneeded since iOS 4.3.3
  • Previously added : Adds option to turn off iTunes auto-backup feature
  • Previously added : Adds the ability perform an automated backup when diskaid detects a device
  • Previously added : Access Contacts, Notes, Call History, Text Messages, Voicemail and Voice Memos
  • Interface improvements:
  • Show or hide hidden files
  • Copy / Paste text in DiskAid
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a bug which crash DiskAid after the registration

iMazing the iPhone, iPad, iPod Manager for PC & Mac

What is iMazing?

iMazing is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch manager for Mac and PC.

iMazing simplifies devices management and data transfers, and gives more control over iOS.

Who is iMazing designed for?

Every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user.

From the casual user searching for a simple and secure solution for managing data on iPhone

To the power user wanting to get the most of its iOS device

What can iMazing do for you?

As a fully featured iOS device manager its possibilities are almost infinite, here are 3 typical features:

iMazing offers a 2 way simple music transfer feature:

Just drag and drop music from any device to any iTunes library

Transfer music from any computer to any iOS device

No iTunes sync, no device wipe, no computer or iTunes account dependance

iMazing is a complete device backup manager:

Allows to export current or older data sets from devices to computer

Data includes SMS text messages, iMessages and attachments, contacts, call logs, and more

iMazing restores any data set to any device

Lost devices’ data can be browsed and recovered in iMazing

Cloning a device to a new one (for an upgrade to a new iPhone) is performed in a couple of simple steps

iMazing gives access to the iOS file system and all apps. File transfer becomes a simple, fast and secure operation:

Accessing all apps though iMazing browser interface is way simpler than iTunes

Large media files can be added to media players in seconds

Transfers (USB or Wi-Fi) are local and secure, no cloud or third party is involved



iMazing 1.2.0

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